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October 3rd 2011 3:38 pm

Sprint is betting their future on the new iPhones!

According to this Article: online.wsj.com­/article­/SB1000142405297020340550457..., it is revealed that Sprint has commited to purchasing a little over 30 million iPhones in the next few years. This translates to be about a $20 billion deal. Given that Sprint has not been a profitable company since 2006, they are literally mortgaging their future by betting the house!

Sprint always had great wireless service/plans but in the past their customer service were not good because they outsourced their customer service to call centers in India and Philipines... but recent consumer reports rank their customer service highly now on par with Verizon and T-Mobile while AT&T was dead last... Sprint's future would be get better and their stocks would definately go up in the next 3 years if they executed this Apple deal correctly...

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I seriously doubt that Sprint will get an iPhone exclusive. $20 billion over 3 or 4 years is a fraction of the current iPhone market. It is more likely, if such a deal was made, was to either lock in the price of the iPhone or to convince Apple to build a version that will run on their network.
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BGR's also saying that the iPhone 5 will be a Sprint exclusive - though I'm certain that's not going to happen: www.bgr.com­/2011­/10­/03­/sprint­-guarantees­-to­-buy­-ov...

First because nobody - not even Apple - would risk making their existing customers that angry (want to upgrade your iPhone? F-you, now you've got to switch carriers!) - and if such a thing were on the table, there's no way ATT or Verizon (who both have access to significantly more capitol than the struggling Sprint) would let it slip away from them.

Assuming the WSJ is right - it will be quite nice for a carrier who focuses on value to be in the iPhone game. For too long - iPhone users have had to suck it up and pay whatever ATT (and now Verizon) asked for.
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