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December 8th 2013 9:53 pm

Sprint Tri-Band Phone Nightmares

After careful research, I renewed my contract with Sprint, took advantage of the new phone discount, and purchased the LG G2. Purchased with the promise of blazing speeds on Sprint's soon to be Spark network and for now excellent speeds on the 4G LTE band. Only to discover that these new tri-band phones have undisclosed issues when 4G LTE is not strong, as is the case for me at home and at work. In a disappointing case of LG pointing the finger at Sprint and Sprint pointing the finger at LG, the only thing both companies acknowledge is that when the 4G LTE signal is weak and the phone is set to LTE/CDMA, the phone cannot receive calls or voicemail at all. If the phone is not re-set to CDMA only, the user is oblivious to callers trying to reach you.

I would like to know if other Engadget members have recently purchased one of these newest Sprint phones, and if you have experienced these problems, how has Sprint and/or LG responded?

How can a major carrier get away with first promoting and then selling phones that have such issues, with no warning to the consumer? How do these phones get past the FCC when in all but the strongest 4G LTE regions, these phones do not function in the most basic of uses, receiving phone calls and voicemails???

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Oh, man. That's frustrating! I feel like I've heard more complaints from friends who have Sprint than any other service. I haven't had much experience with it myself -- the only thing I've really used Sprint's network for is via 3G and LTE hotspot service through various MVNO's (e.g., Virgin Mobile).
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I just got the HTC M8 and have the same problems with receiving calls from older phones that are not 4G capable. My elderly parents are unable to contact me with their non smartphones unless my phone network is set to CDMA only. Calls will not go through even if it is set to LTE/CDMA and I have a tower nearby. I guess Sprint will be pointing their finger at HTC also.
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