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Staples yanked these from store shelves because of an apparent "manufacturing defect.


Viewsonic responded to Staples pulling the device and said it's actually related to poorly optimized software (including Adobe Flash, surprise) and that it hopes to have these issues resolved in a future update. Supposedly, the update is coming before Christmas.

Anyone own one of these? What has your experience been?

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There is a lot of info online. Found quite a bit here: android.appmobilize.com­/mobile­-news­/36846­/viewsoni...
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I bought one at Sears shortly after they started selling them. Took it back on Veteran's Day and bought a Tab at T-Mobile.

The GTablet's browser crashed after viewing two web pages, and nothing would run until I rebooted it, but then it had forgotten the password for the wifi router.

Most people comment that the UI is ugly; I simply consider it not pretty.
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