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January 28th 2013 2:30 pm

Startup times with the Fusion drive

I received my 27" iMac last friday. I love it. The screen is awesome and there's almost no glare! It's also very fast. No delays in opening apps or doing stuff though I still need to really put it through it's paces. I configured it with the i7 3.4Ghz Quad-Core, the 675MX 2GB gfx-card and the 1TB Fusion drive. I ordered 32Gb RAM from an online shop and replaced the memory.

Yesterday I decided to do a boot/startup test to see how it does. And to my surprise it didn't boot up that fast. When you hear the Mac chime (Wall-E sound :)) I hit the timer. At 35secs it showed the Apple logo and at 41secs it showed the login screen. This thing replaced my MacBook Pro (mid 2010) which I put a SSD in myself and that one booted in 25-30secs.

I'm not that worried about it but I thought it would be faster. Most of the time it will be on and I won't turn it off all the time so it's kind of a moot point. Still, what do you guys see in startup times? The same, slower or faster?

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