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September 13th 2012 12:02 pm

Stick with AT&T grandfathered unlimited or move to VZW?

So I'd like to hear y'alls thoughts for those of us that are still using the original Unlimited data plan for AT&T. Its pretty fantastic they're going to let us keep it, but with not being able to use Facetime and the VZW phone being more likely for a world-LTE phone, is it a good time to jump ship?

i hate the idea of shared data, and it seems Verizon is just about as expensive for a comparable plan. But I've heard great things about their network and LTE speed.

As far as LTE goes- does anyone have any experience with either network?

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So I'm in NYC, and decided to stick with AT&T. I'll milk that unlimited data plan for all its worth! once they take it away, I'll probably jump ship.
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Its a tough choice. I have the 4S AT&T grandfathered unlimited. It all depends on your needs. If you travel a lot to other countries you might want to jump ship to big red. If you dont travel to often out of the country then i would stay stick with AT&T if you have LTE in your area. You wont have to deal with shared data and you get unlimited (throttled after 5GB) data.
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Yeah I don't travel out of the country often (yet). But 5GB for $30 is pretty damn sweet, truth be told. Thanks for the reply.
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I make 2-3 big trips a year. I'm on AT$T's grandfathered unlimited plan also. Before I traveled to Nigeria in March, I upgraded my 4 to an unlocked 4S., which probably won't work on on VZ or Spint's networks, although I can travel, use T-Mo, StraightTalk or other carriers here in NYC if I get tired of the Death Star. My phone worked great in Nigeria which means I'll probably get an unlocked 5 from Apple when they release it. When I was in Rio last October it sucked to have to keep the cellular radio off in fear of exorbitant roaming charges from AT$T.
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It depends where you live I'd say. For me, looking at the LTE coverage maps, Verizon has service where I live and almost everywhere I am most of the time.

AT&T on the other hand, the map is very depressing. Even the upcoming cities list doesn't have anything coming for my whole state (NJ).

Add that to the facetime over cellular (will you actually use this much?) and I'd switch to VZ if I could. My company uses AT&T so for me the choice is: have AT&T and not pay monthly bills, or get Verizon and start paying the $100+ / month that comes along w/ that.
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I was thinking the same thing, then I saw how blazing fast AT&T's LTE network was on my iPad 3. I think I'm sticking with AT&T. Unlimited data is going to go away eventually anyways, so, pick your poison.
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For me is comes down to frequently dropped calls vs. infrequent (I live in SF). Two years ago when I bought my 4 with my "unlimited" data plan, Verizon wasn't selling the iPhone. Now that two years have past and it's time to upgrade, the no-brainier is to move to VZW.
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I'm reluctantly sticking with AT&T. Though AT&T's coverage is spotty—according to their maps, my home is a mile just outside coverage—the unlimited data is too hard to pass up.
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