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March 17th 2010 12:51 am

Still interested?

Just curious, how many people still plan to get the HD2, despite it's inability to (officially) upgrade to WP7S?

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I would buy it, still might, Winmo 7 is nice and all but I can get the same experience in theory with the Zune HD2 so a high powered best spec'd winmo 6.5 phone is still a nice option. I don't know if I am going to pull the trigger yet because I am so invested in Android but I will play with one and see if I will be using as a second phone.
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Knowing what WP7S can do, this phone is dead to me. HTC will have a launch phone anyway.
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This is true but this phone does have a lot of potential, it has blockbuster online streaming and mobi tv, and could handle Netflix in theory. Plus this phone will have a lot more features then WM7.
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Fore sure, WP7 not allowing micro sd cards is just a disaster.
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i might buy it ...then sell it as a way to get the product installment plan on the nexus one
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This handset kills me. I love the hardware. I love the Sense UI. I hate WinMo. And now that WP7S is on the horizon, it's impossible to even consider the HD2. My sincerest hope is that HTC comes to the party with the HD3 (or whatever) that is spec'd for WP7S but keeps the same uber sexy form factor.

Then there's the fact that I can't make a call over T-Mo from my house, so I'm switching to Verizon this fall...
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I'm probably still going to pull the trigger on it. I love the Sense UI and the hardware. Plus, for me, Windows Mobile really isn't all that bad. Granted, I have a Nexus, iPhone, 8900, and N900 so we'll see how much use the HD2 gets when compared to those devices.

Also, WP7S won't be around for a bit and it seems it won't support much (if any) third party customizations so like deinfinityx I may just get a Zune HD2 for the WP7S experience and leave it to Sense UI and xdadevelopers to keep the HD2 customized and awesome.

I'll be sure to post some comparisons once I get my hands on it.
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The more I learn about WP7S the more it doesn't look as appealing as I initially thought.

I'm going to a T-Mobile store today to play with the HD2, and if it seems as impressive as everybody who's previewed it says it is, I will very seriously entertain a purchase of it next week.
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I just stopped by a T-mo store to talk to a rep. He was telling not to get the HD2 (he's very anti-windows), but to get the N1 instead. I would have, but it cost way too much and I have a family plan so I can't get the subsidy.

I figure, get the HD2 now and in 2 years hopefully WP7S will be more polished.

That makes sense right?
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My girlfriend is still going to get it. She likes the way it looks physically and the UI.
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I have one now and will get the T-Mobile one when it launches, so that I can get me some 3G.
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I have an unlocked one, and will be buying the T-Mobile version, so I can get me some 3G luv.
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I want to get this but will have to try the demo first. It all comes down to speed and apps that I use; if this has something comparable.
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It was great to play with it in person at the gdgt live in Austin event earlier this week. I just can't get over the fact that it's using WinMo 6. HTC does some fantastic things with the interface and it's unfortunate it won't be able to upgrade to the new Windows Phone 7 hotness.
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I think im going to get it still. Been on the iphone for quite some time. I just want a device with a huge screen and halfway decent web browsing experience for media consumption. Im over the apps right now which was the iphones biggest draw for me. I download/purchase a ton of them and only end up using 3-4 apps consistently. WM 6.5 will probably cause me some migraines but im pretty confident that that devs at XDA will get either android or WP7 on there within the year if I grow tired of WM 6.5 ill flash a rom or two. All in all its too awesome of a hardware spec for me to pass up for the time being.
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