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September 8th 2013 2:11 pm

Still no support for epub

Epub is the most important cross-platform/device format for digital books. Right now thats is the only reason for me not buying a Kindle.

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Every time I have to full in the specs for a new Kindle and I don't get to fill in the box for EPUB, I feel a little sad inside.
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This is why I still have a B&N Nook SimpleTouch.
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It's definitely inconvenient, but you can still get EPUB files onto your Kindle through an open source application like Calibre (which then converts the file into a format the Kindle can read):

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That's a kind of misleading statement. It's not possible to read epub files in a Kindle. What it is possible is to read mobi files created by a 3rd party app (such as Calibre) based on epub files, which certainly is not the same thing but it's true that it helps as a workaround.
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I don't think Amazon has any intentions of supporting epub on their Kindles. Lamenting it is like lamenting no flash on the iPhone.

Sorry for the troll like drive by thought.
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