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May 8th 2013 5:42 am

stop gmail contacts

anyone know how i can stop this? before i was able to stop the S3 from downloading the contacts of everyone i sent an email to or got one from,
there is nothing more annoying then having contacts on the SMS page of page which you dont want there as its a pain to always have to scroll down.
so far I have had to create a fake gmail account with no account activity

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You can try this:

1. On your desktop/laptop browser, go into gmail.
2. Click the Gmail in the top left and go into Contacts (or try this: https:­/­/mail.google.com­/mail­/ca­/u­/0­/­?shva­=1­#contac... )

3. On the left side, create a new group. I call mine "Phone Contacts"
4. Use the checkboxes to add whatever contacts you want in your phone to Phone Contacts

5. On your Phone, go to the people app. In the bottom right I believe there should be a menu. Select "Contacts to display"
6. Select Customize
7. Under your email account, you should see all the groups you have in gmail.
8. Check the box for "Phone contacts" and nothing else

Good luck! If you have any questions feel free to ask
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