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October 29th 2009 10:54 pm

Storm2 The Blackberry for Kids

I went to the Verizon Store today to check this phone out. I have a Blackberry Tour 9630. I don't have any trackball issues and it works great. When I saw the Blackberry Storm2 my first impression was, it's TINY. It feels small, the salesperson at the store, her name was Julissa in Pasadena, allowed me to hold it in my hand without the security cord and I really felt like I was going to drop it or that it would slide out of my hand.

The SurePress Screen requires more than a tap you actually have to press down on it. These are just my first impressions. What are yours?

BTW Julissa is hawt.

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1 - I just got one for work, and I already want to hand it back to them and say 'just get me a second iPhone, this is BS'.

2 - Give Julissa my number, please.
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I think you need to keep the device for at least a week before deciding whether you like it. I hated the first Storm, but have really gotten used to the Storm2. After you use it a while, the SurePress stuff comes naturally. And now that there are more apps coming from the Blackberry Store, I am using the Storm2 in place of my iPod Touch. Adding another browser like Opera is also a requirement at this time.
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Agreed. I had the Storm 1 (9530) and have always felt it lacked the quality and usability of a proper BlackBerry device. Now owning the Storm2, I notice small hardware improvements that add up to quite an enjoyable experience overall. The 16GB storage and new Device Manager software for the Mac allow me to replace my 1st gen iPod touch for music/video playback. I really wish the web browser and multimedia interface were more polished, but that's a downside to every RIM device on the market today.
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