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December 10th 2013 11:19 am

Stylus that works when held with thick gloves?

I got burned - singed, really - in a very minor way when I bought a cheap stylus off of Amazon that I intended to use with my mittens: www.columbia.com­/Gathering­-Storm%E2%84%A2­-Mitten­/S... (when I said thick I meant it - they're thicker than most oven mitts). It worked when used with thinner gloves but did absolutely nothing when I tried to use it with those gloves, which I assume insulated my hands too well for the stylus to change the surface charge of the screen.

Has anyone out there found one that they know will work through that sort of insulation?

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It sounds like you're going to need a really thick stylus. There is this crazy thing that was made for iPad. Maybe this is more in line with what you're looking for?


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I appreciate the reply, but the problem wasn't that the stylus was too small to handle (it was, but a lanyard mostly took care of that) but that it had no effect when I poked the screen with it. I'm assuming it was too well insulated from me to change the surface charge of the screen.
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Looking at your problem, if the insulation is the issue, then I donn think there are stylus which can do the trick for you. Not that I know of.

If you did find something, do let us know. Would be handy at times.
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