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June 24th 2014 3:11 pm

Surface Pro 3 does not support *some* AC wireless routers.

After purchasing the Surface Pro 3 and playing with it for a week, I found only one issue which is a deal breaker for me and I assume many other users. The Wireless adapter cannot maintain a stable connection to AC/N Wireless routers. I have tested this on 3 different ones, Dlink, Linksys and an enterprise router. In all 3 cases the Surface Pro 3 would connect (some with trouble) and even though download speed was good, the upload speed was very slow (0.05-0.10 Mbps). Eventually the connection would drop and give "Limited Connectivity". The only fix was to shut down and restart or connect to an older G router. Under my older G router, the device had no issue maintaining the wireless connection and the speed was stable.

Microsoft Customer support said the only solution was to restore the OS to factory state and disable Windows Updates because one of the updates is creating this problem. Of course this is not a solution since we can't run Windows 8.1 without having Windows Updates. I would gladly keep the Surface on a G router but the problem is that when I travel, it is unable to connect to some routers because of this problem, and if this device has no internet, it is basically an expensive brick.

Too bad because it is much better than the Surface Pro 2 and any other tablet out there, but without a good wireless card and drivers, it is useless.

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Hopefully a driver/firmware update in the near future can make the connection more stable if what you say is true.

But even if "The Wireless adapter cannot maintain a stable connection to AC/N Wireless routers" I don't think it's fair to say that the device doesn't support AC routers.
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You are correct, so far I have tested with 3 AC Routers and in all three cases it behaves the same way. It may not be all of the AC routers but even with my main Linksys WRT 1900 AC which is one of the best AC routers out there (CNET ratings for example) should work with the Surface pro 3 since all of my other gadgets can connect to the AC band just fine. I do hope that they fix the issue, I have tried all 3 versions of the Surface pro and they are making good progress but for the money $1,500+, I expect the darn thing to at least be able to have a stable internet connection in the same way that a Samsung Galaxy S tablet does or any other inexpensive Windows 8.1 laptop. It is just my expectation. Thank You
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Right. For $1500 I would also expect nothing short of rock solid network connections. I have the original Surface Pro, and believe it's a fantastic piece of hardware, and it would be ruined with shoddy Wifi, which is essential in anything claiming to be a tablet, or a device without an ethernet port.
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That sucks. Today I was in a cafe where everyone but me had a MacBook and I was on a PC (not a Surface Pro) and I could not get on the network.
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I use my SP3 with ASUS RT-AC68U router and have no issues whatsoever. When downloading stuff over WiFi from my NAS I get about 40-50 Mbytes/s (320-400 Mbit/c). Right now I own i7/256 model, but before that I had i5/256 for about a month and didn't have any problems either. So if you do - I'd suggest you to get your device replaced and see if that helps.
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That's interesting, as I have an SP3 (i5/128G) and can't connect to my Asus RT-AC68U on the AC band (5ghz). I can just fine with my MacBook Air, but the SP3 does not.

The SP3 connects to the 2.4ghz band (802.11n) just fine, but it's at much slower speeds.

The SP3 sees the AP (incl the 5ghz SSID), but it fails seemingly at authentication. I've verified the password multiple times, and copied the password directly into the field.

Running all updates on SP3, and just upgraded to latest firmware on the AC-68U.

Go figure.
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