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April 23rd 2013 5:46 pm

Switched from iPhone to HTC One

Hi everyone, first post. Felt compelled given how blown away I am at the HTC One. I'm on AT&T.

I've had every iPhone since day 1 and I finally decided to take the plunge on an Android device as the iPhone was getting stale for me. I have to say that the HTC One is absolutely top notch in my opinion. Beautiful build quality, feels great in hand, looks great etc. The sound is amazing on it (I listen to a lot of music through my phone and the two speakers on the front are excellent). Call quality is also excellent and handset volume when help up to my ear is loud. Very much like Blinkfeed and HTC Sense. Have not used the camera yet, but will use it plenty. The phone is very fast, no lag in apps etc. Love the screen. Crisp, bright, responsive. I'm sure there is a lot I am missing but again, I'm a bit stunned at how much I like this thing.

I've had multiple people tell me to keep my iPhone because I will want to switch back and I just don't see it happening. Well done HTC - you've converted a self proclaimed iPhone fanatic.

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Not many people have this phone yet. You should write a review after you have had it for a bit! I for one am interested in reading how the long term usage of this device is, compared with the initial wow factor

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I can do that. Maybe I will write one a week or two from now. Another thing I've been very impressed with is the swipe keyboard. I cannot believe how fast i can compose messages now. I know this isn't news for Android users, but again, coming from exclusive iPhone use for the past 6 years it is absolutely a breakthrough for me. This is not an exaggeration - after one day of use, I do NOT miss my iPhone one bit.
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Congrats on the switch to Android. as TgD pointed out i am also looking forward to reading the review. I am also curious to see how you feel about the phone and the OS over time.

I have used both iOS and Android and since i have 2 phones (one work one personal) i find that the thing that frustrates me the most with the Android is the poop update cycles those devices get. the HTC one shipped with 4.1 and 4.2 has been out for a few months already. with the iOS devices you get the newest software as soon as apple releases it.

Other than that and the hardware envy when a newer, faster and slicker Android phone comes i can't think of any reason why some one wouldn't use an Android based phone.
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I too was a devoted iPhone user from the beginning. I got the iPhone 5 in December 2012 and while I think the iOS UI is still great, I began to have issues with my phone staying connected to wifi, and as a result my cellular data usage skyrocketed. I was only made aware of this when I saw the overage fees from AT&T. I called AT&T and they said it's an issue with my phone and that I should call Apple. I called Apple and was initially told that they could not provide technical support because my phone was four months old and I didn't buy "Apple Care", but after some begging and pleading, they were nice enough to suggest I turn features off and carefully manage my data usage. Not once did they acknowledge that there may be an actual problem with the phone.

I have since left both the iPhone and AT&T. The HTC One is my first experience with any type of Android device and I admit I'm thoroughly impressed. The One does everything I expect a smartphone to do, and in many cases, does it better than my iPhone did. I like everything about the look, feel and design of the One. The camera, even though it has fewer megapixels than other smartphone cameras, takes great photos, which just reinforces my opinion that more megapixels does not always mean better photos. The built in camera features, like Zoe and all the editing options are fantastic. I've only scratched the surface of using these features, but I'm amazed at how much creative potential they offer. The Android OS is completely foreign to me, but I'm gradually learning the ins and outs. I do notice on a few apps that the UI is not as snappy as the same app on iOS (Scramble with Friends is one example). I don't know if this is attributable to the app itself or the OS. Regardless, it's not enough of a detractor to turn me off completely. Overall I'm still impressed with the features and abilities of Android.

I'm using the One on T-Mobile's network and while coverage in my area is mostly acceptable, I have little to no coverage at my house. A nice feature the One has (and I'm not sure if this is exclusive to T-Mobile) is wifi calling. I turn that on and I am making and receiving phone calls over my wifi network! For the most part, it works flawlessly. Twice in the past week, I had some issues where wifi calling would not enable, but after a quick reboot of the phone, I was back in business. Again, not enough of a detriment to turn me off. T-Mobile's low monthly contract-free rates means significant cost savings for me, even after factoring in AT&T's early termination fee. No more data overages, great looking phone with all the features I want and more, what's not to like?
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For anyone who's interested, I've updated my full HTC One review after over a month of use. Short summary - Happier than ever that I made the switch.

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