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July 9th 2014 7:42 pm

Switching Carriers - How to get the best deal?

I've been a T-Mo user for a number of years, and for the most part have been very happy. Unfortunately, I recently moved somewhere a little more remote, and the coverage is too frustrating. I need to switch to one of the big 2, either ATT or Verizon. I do get a service discount from my employer for AT&T, so I'm definitely leaning that way.

Now to choose 2 phones, and make sure I get the best intro deal. Is it best to shop online, or will I be better off calling and talking to sales? Or can I do better by heading into an actual store? I need 2 phones, and the ones up for consideration are the LG G3, the Galaxy S5, and the One M8. One HAS to have a good camera.

What would you do were you switching carriers to get the best deal?

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Unfortunately there is no wiggle room like there is with buying a car, pretty much the prices you see are the prices they will only offer. The only time I've heard of people getting discounts is if they were long standing customers.
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