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October 28th 2009 2:54 pm

Symbian Horizons app sotre announced....am I'm puzzled

So the Symbian Foundation announced the Symbian Horizons app sotre today. From reading the press release and try out the site, I'm slightly confused at what the foundation is getting at here.

Is this a "real" app store, or rather a centralized listing of Symbian signed apps? It sure looks like the latter, intrgrating Sony Ericsson's PlayNow Arena, Nokia's Ovi Store, and the Samsung app store, with web publishers thrown into the mix.

Is this a smart move on their behalf, or just rubbish?

announcement via engadget

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You may have learned by now, but if we're to use the book publishing system as an analogy Horizon would be a publishing house, which would help you - the software writer - to get your books published (certified through Symbian Signed) and reviewed (by bloggers) and ultimately on the book shelfs in the various app stores.

Unlike in the books business where the publishing house makes big money out of this, Horizon is a non-profit service and all the income your app generates will be given back to you.
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