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February 27th 2012 5:15 am

Symbian S60 5th edition is too old!!!

S60 5th edition is too old for this phone i think it will have Nokia Belle.

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Belle Feature Pack 1
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Otherwise known as Carla.
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No, it's not Carla at all.
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I really wish it was running windows. I don't understand why it's touting Symbian at all. I have really been looking for an excuse to buy my first windows phone but just haven't been impressed by any of the hardware... This phone running windows phone would be 'the one'.
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Nokia has been developing this technology for 5 years with Symbian in mind. Windows Phone as it is today would not support the hardware needed for Pureview.
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WP doesnt have the low level support for this kind of feature, yet..
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Eventually, it will run Windows. Elop pointed out in an interview that he was mostly trying to get the phone out the door.
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Most other places are reporting this has Symbian Belle.
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This is Symbian Belle with Feature Pack 1, which will be an update for 603, 700 & 701 Belle smartphones, later i hope for N8 & E7 too.
Windows Phone with smaller megapixel range but same technology will arrive later this year, I think in June / July
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