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Tech like the Hue system is arguably essential, not just a luxury

Since everyone seems to be going on as if its beyond discussion that having the ability to control your lighting's color and timing is purely geek luxury, I thought I mention some important points. Do a quick Google search on the havoc that modern day lighting technology, especially LEDs, does on our circadian rhythm and sleep quality. It should become clear to you that being able to program your lights to turn on in the morning (dawn simulation) to wake up, and being able to turn off the blue light spectrum at night to prevent the inhibition of melatonin release, is actually essential for our well-being. And the best solution to date to do this is with technology such as the Hue system.

In fact, I'm surprised Philips isn't emphasizing these benefits more in their marketing Other solutions are too involved to implement for most people, and much more expensive. Hopefully, this market and technology will mature, and the price go down drastically, so we could all be better off with something like this in our homes.

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If the price was significantly lower I would consider it. But for now its $15 dollar light bulbs and a dimmer switch for me
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