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July 11th 2014 2:05 pm

Tech-themed vacations for gadget lovers?

Earlier this week one of our superusers, Travis "TgD" Dilts (who you should totally follow, as he is awesome) mentioned he was going to be in San Francisco on business, and he asked what he should check out while he was there: www.engadget.com­/discuss­/making­-the­-most­-of­-a­-busi...

Suspecting that Travis was you know, probably interested in tech since he's on this site, I suggested the Musée Mécanique, which is a cool little building that just has rows and rows of old arcade machines dating back 100 years.

This got me thinking -- if a tech aficionado were to visit my home city of New York, where would I send them?

  • Museum of Modern Art: They have a collection of video games that tends to move from exhibition to exhibition (currently it seems to be part of "A Collection of Ideas") but the museum also shows off tech-angled design stuff from time to time. www.moma.org/
  • Museum of the Moving Image: This museum's a bit out of the way in Astoria, Queens, but for anyone who's into television and the movies will find it worth their while, as they have a large collection of televisions and cameras, and even showcase video games and animated GIFs on a regular basis. www.movingimage.us/
  • Babycastles: Do you believe that video games can be art? Well, then this is a gallery after your own heart, dedicated to showcasing indie art games often patterned after a particular theme. You'll never see most of these on mainstream consoles. babycastles.com/
  • Makerbot Store: You're probably not going to be buying a 3D printer on your trip, but they offer demos and workshops, you can get stuff printed there, and you can even bring home a few 3D-printed trinkets. www.makerbot.com­/retail­-store/
  • Apple Store (5th Avenue): Honestly, Apple Stores are for the most part the same on the inside, but the giant glass cube on the plaza in front of the GM Building is still an impressive sight. If you're going to visit an Apple Store, this is the one to visit. https:­/­/www.apple.com­/retail­/fifthavenue/
  • B&H Photo Video: If you're a photography or video buff, this is the place to go, because they really do have everything. The only caveat is that they aren't open on Saturdays or any Jewish holidays, so plan accordingly. www.bhphotovideo.com/
  • J&R Music and Computer World: In my humble opinion, this is the best electronics store in New York. Unfortunately, it's also closed for renovations until 2015. So if you're visiting the city then, give it a try. www.jr.com/
Eating and drinking (and gaming):
  • Barcade: There are locations in Jersey City, Philly, and eventually Manhattan, but the original Williamsburg location is a great place to get $5 pints of some fantastic beers and play a lot of really great classic arcade games. barcadebrooklyn.com/
  • Modern Pinball NYC: You don't need quarters to take a crack at one of their many machines, just pay a flat fee for unlimited free plays. And because this is an "interactive showroom," the machines are also for for sale. www.modernpinballnyc.com/
So, if someone wanted to go on a tech-themed tour of your home town, where would you send them?

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Thanks for the kind words!

As for Edmonton Alberta, we got mostly nothing. The BioWare office is here, and is really cool, but its locked down like Fort Knox. I only got to see the inside when I had a job interview there.

Stores wise, we do have one of the few Samsung Stores, as well as a Microsoft Store and Apple Store in our West Edmonton Mall, but that mall also has a theme park, water park, skating rink, 2 minigolf courses, and a whole lot of fun. I suppose you could do all that at once!

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