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October 30th 2009 5:18 am


You've heard the rumors but is this the DS for it.

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exactly, this is just a rehash with one trick up its sleeve - bigger screens..... as far as gimmicks go, you could do worse but I hardly play my DS Lite anymore as it is...

Like the Wii HD, the tegra powered DS2 will either be amazing and fresh or a lame visual upgrade and nothing else....
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Meh... I doubt it...

What do you get when you cross Nintendo and Honey, I Blew Up The Kids? You know where this is going - this iteration is likely to be no more than a super-sized DSi. Does no more, does no less, just does it BIGGER. Plus, Nintendo had to push out some slight change to reignite sales of it's handhelds. People buy into this stuff, and Nintendo knows it. They throw out a few new colors or some other minor change from time to time and people all over the world buy it up like it's never been seen before. I bet there is some group that buys whatever is Nintendo's newest thing - no matter what it is...

Now whenever/if ever ol' Nintendo DOES put out a tegra-based handheld, I am quite curious how they will differentiate it from the last model(s). I suspect we'll see soon enough, should the rumors be true.
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