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Thank god they didn't call it the BlackPad!

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Yeah. Jokes aside, the [foo]Pad name is just played out.
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foopad would make a great name and BerryPad would have been alright.

I don't like Playbook, it sounds like they made a smart book and axed the keyboard in a redesign at the 11th hour. Perhaps that explains the Plexiglas.
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yeah why the heck does it have the suffix "book" when its a "tab" or as Apple calls it "pad"
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That's because you need to look at the meaning behind playbook not the form factor. I don't think you're meant to take the name PLAY and BOOK literally, just like you don't take the Blackberry Torch name literally. Last I saw, it wasn't marketed as a hand held torch.

The words both conjure meanings other than what is presented but it can also be put to good use in regards to marketing it to consumers and business users.

OP, yeah I'm glad they didn't call it the Blackpad. There was some relief when the name PlayBook came up. Apple going with the iPad name didnt just change what it really is - a tablet.
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I actually like the name PlayBook, but back to the top level comment, there's only been the one major "-Pad" device. I don't see how it could be played out already.
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