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June 10th 2014 2:41 pm

The 2014 World Cup is here! Let's get your bracket on.

If you're the rare breed of nerd who happens to love sportsball, hold onto your butts. The World Cup begins in Brazil in just 2 days! It kicks off with the hosts taking on Croatia. Who will win?

And who will win it all?

If you think you know a thing or two about soccer / fútbol / footy / world's-most-popular-sport, spend countless hours playing FIFA, or construct meticulous lineups in Football Manager, then you need to join our Engadget World Cup bracket that's being hosted on Yahoo Sports.

Join the Engadget group on Yahoo here:

My own picks for the group stage are here:

Good luck!

(And regarding the official 2014 World Cup logo above, once you see the image below, it cannot be unseen.)

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I don't pay enough attention to soccer to know who will win but, I'll play along for fun.

Here are my picks:
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Awesome! I guess other people's picks aren't displayed until after the games start. I'm glad you're giving it a try though!
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I would have liked to see other people's picks so I would know how bad mine were. But, oh well. This should be fun!
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It looked like your first pick was perfect! Nice work.
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Nothing like a little luck to start a tournament!
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Easy here:

Winner: Spain

My picks: us.wc.fantasysports.yahoo.com­/world­-cup­/178142­?b­=s...
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Hah! I'm a big fan of Croatia, a good friend is Croatian and I was rooting for Croatia (they were downright robbed!).

That said, I can't be too unhappy with my prediction. ;)

Mexico up next!
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