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April 1st 2014 12:53 am

The best April Fools' announcements in tech?

There's been a lot of April Fools' announcements over the years, both good and bad. One of the more interesting ones in my opinion is Google's announcement of Gmail way back in 2004.

At the time, it was mind blowing. Compared to things like Yahoo and Microsoft's offerings (which was about 25MB?), Google was offering 1GB of free email? What!? Amazing. But surely it wasn't real. It was announced on April Fools' day.

Fortunately, it ended up being real and it was a pretty amazing option for free email. Let's not forget that their spam filtering options were (and always have been) pretty robust, which made it much more enjoyable to use than other email services. It's kind of hard to believe Gmail is 10 years old!

Anyway, that particular April Fools' announcement ended up being real. There have been many fake ones. What are some that you've enjoyed the most?

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My favorite is still Google's "Custom Time" feature from 2008. They totally got me. I thought it was absolutely real, and I was ALL FOR IT. Such is life...


Also, even though this is a cop out, I'm actually somewhat partial to HTC and Samsung's announcements this year... only because they're almost exactly the same.


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Haha! That's hilarious! I'm glad they both tried the same joke, because that's funnier than either announcement. At least HTC went to the trouble of making it look like a branded product. The Samsung one doesn't look like they tried much.
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Gotta go with the Sphero Peacekeeper Edition from last year: https:­/­/www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=GDuaLOPJm2g
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Udacity's Intro to Punch Card Programming :D
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