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July 6th 2009 2:02 am

The Best Attic Accessory!!!!

Is this not the best attic accessory?

I mean seriously, when I go to my attic, every once in a while, I'll see this sitting up there and I just have to bring it down to play with it.

.......shhhhh, don't tell, most of the games I have I "got" from my college roommate.

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i remember the virtual boy. i always felt like it was going to make me blind if i kept using it to play tennis.
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My neck still hurts from the Virtual Boy.

Also I'm now colorblind. Can't see red anymore.
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When ever i go into my closet and see it i really wanna play it. Wario World was awesome! Only have 3 games but they were fun. Wario World, Mario Tennis and some Bomber man puzzle game. I love this thing. But Beau is right. My neck kills me when i play it. XD
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Guranteed headache in 5 minutes when you play with these!
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I still remember playing this at ToysRus, I was playing Red Alarm. I was like mom I need this PLEASE lol. I still have it too it's a cool thing to have on display to show your friends/family. "Hey remember this, yep".
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Come to think of it, it is amazing to think this thing was never banned for the harm it posed players. I remember burning eyes and severe headaches every time I used the thing lol.
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