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September 12th 2013 2:59 pm

The BIG Switch

So I've been an iPhone user since the original. I've had only one affair with Android with the Nexus 4. I liked it lot but the battery life always came up short to the iPhone. It was soon after I would switch back and get the iPhone 5. Now I'm once again seriously thinking of switching to Moto X. I've been reading tons of reviews, watching all the videos and reading a lot of forums. It seems my biggest problem has been solved with the battery and there are a couple of features that I absolutely think I would love, active display and the hands free "Google Now". I also really like Moto Maker, coming from an iPhone that hasnt changed much since the original Moto Maker is a great idea. I went to the AT&T store to see how it feels and its great. I just want to know if anyone has bought one? Black or white or through moto maker? How do you like it? What phone did you have before? etc.

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Don't ditch your iPhone 5 just yet. Wait for iOS 7 first, and see if it's a refreshing enough change.
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