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July 5th 2009 4:06 am

The Change We Need

Blackberry makes outstanding devices, but I think many people agree that the Blackberry Storm could be a lot better. What do you think went wrong with the storm, and what do you think needs to change for the next version?

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I hear that a lot, but I have yet to hear anyone tell me what is actually wrong with the Storm.
I have a Storm, and I love it. I love the surepress, I love that it multitasks, I can tether it. The GPS rocks. I don't get the "the storm has problems" mantra.
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I agree entirely, I love my storm and see few problems with it. I think the problem is first time smart phone users. If you have no idea how to manipulate the phone then I can understand why it could be seen as not working.
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I think its all about the users... Everyone (like me as a consumer) have heard that BBs are perfect devices and were waiting for something to toy around with... they were expecting it to be like the Iphone but well its better in some areas and worse in some. If they couldn't use it like an Iphone or similar cell phones they thought its not worth it.

Multitasking, Tethering and the GPS are really good with the Strom, but the clicking screen and not having the smoothness of the iphone makes it look ugly. It is the software that makes it bad in some parts.
The other issue with storm is that it is not customizable or in some parts hard to customize and needs more clicks then a usual touch screen phone. I am sure that storm 2 will be better because i don't see the clicking screen and i hope that the touch gets better and scrolling could get smoother and easier.

Last but not the least... what really makes storm worse is the Iphone fanboys (I own an Iphone 3GS) but seriously they write a lot of bogus about the Storm and Zune.. i have used Zune its beautiful.. but the fanboys will never want to understand that even.
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the problem with this device is really simple, clearly RIM was trying to latch on to all the iPhone hype for touch screen smart phones. This unfortunately forced the developers at RIM to rush the development of this phone, to me it is pretty obvious that this happened. Instead of rebuilding part of the core BlackBerry core OS to support touch screens, they simply hacked touch screen drivers ontop of the latest OS build. Then they figured out that by making the screen clicky it would be a lot simpler to implement then having to deal with all the fancy touch milti-touch software Apple and Palm uses.

It was very obvious from the first reviews of this device that the software was no where near ready for launch when they released the phone, and really still has many major software bugs to this date. Having the touch controls built 'on-top' of the operating system (instead of built into the core of the system like Apple and Palm), is causing major stability and performance issues that are a major deterrent to the common user.

For the Storm 2 RIM really need to take a step back and figure out how to make the experience of using a touch screen smart phone with the BB OS much better, because it just isn't cutting it right now. I would recommend letting a group of developers figure out how to build the 'blackberry experience' properly around a touch screen smartphone, seeing as this is a consumer and not a business device a very different approach should be taken.
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