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July 2nd 2009 2:14 am

The Essential Storm Screen Fix™

Hate your Storm? Find the screen mushy and unresponsive? Maybe it's been dropped from a small height and suddenly the corners of the screen no long recognize touch at all?

Fear not, you can fix your Storm - and make it better than ever!

The Storm screen sits over a single button. When the screen isn't pressing the button properly, it stops registering touch - and it makes the Storm feel like the crappiest phone ever.

Tools you're going to need:
-A slim sharp blade like an Xacto
-A Torx T6 screwdriver (star shaped - you probably don't have one so go buy a Torx set at Sears.)
-A desire for your Storm to suck less and rock more.

To fix it:
Open the battery cover. You'll see a screw and a spot where a second screw should be - covered by a water damage detection sticker.

Take the Xacto and slide the blade under the sticker - this will remove it without voiding your warranty. Put it somewhere safe for a few minutes, it'll be going back into place in a moment.

Take the T6 Torx driver and insert it into the screw head. Turn it counter clockwise (lefty loosey) about half a turn. This is going to release some of the pressure on your screen. Do it for the other screw as well. Flip the 'berry over and try it out... better? Yes, I thought so.

Experiment with the right tension for you, but this should help - A LOT.

Put the sticker back into place. Close her up - you're done. Make sure you've downloaded the latest firmware available - cause if you're still using .75 you're doing it wrong.

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