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December 28th 2013 3:54 pm

The "Global" Moto G

I just had this chat with Motorola:

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Jingky: Hi, my name is Jingky. How may I help you?
Elizabeth James: does the Moto GP, to which I just bought,
Elizabeth James: I just bought 2 moto g. Is there a second sim
Jingky: Good day, please know that we will be doing our best to help you with your concern.
Jingky: Where did you purchase the phone>
Elizabeth James: From you
Jingky: You mean from the US, right?
Elizabeth James: Yes. Order was for global gsm phone
Jingky: Thank you.
Jingky: The Moto G US/Global edition does not have a dual sim feature.
Elizabeth James: Yikes
Jingky: Anything else?
Elizabeth James: Order number was 00219643, r u sure.
Communication with the RightNow Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 240 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Jingky: Yes. I am very sure that Moto G models released in the US are non dual sim.
Elizabeth James: And what do you have to do to get the duall
Elizabeth James: Sim phone I read about
Jingky: We do not have that feature available.
Elizabeth James: I am in france
Jingky: You said you purchased it in the US, right>
Elizabeth James: Yes after reading about hspa and dual sim. Is the u.s. version hspa. And can I buy a dual sim version in Europe.. And why did u get FCC approval for a dual sim phone and not expect your customers to think that is what they were getting
Jingky: If the phone was purchased in the US we do not have the option to add the dual sim feature.
Jingky: It's available for UK Moto G version.
Elizabeth James: Hspa? Is hspa or just 3g
Jingky: It's just 3G.
Elizabeth James: The specs on your site say hspa to 21
Jingky: Sorry for the confusion but Moto G only supports 3G.
Jingky: If you need any more information get in touch. Thanks from Motorola, bye!
Jingky has disconnected.

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ok, let me understand this, you made a profile only to make a complaint?, you are a dumbass lol
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