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August 31st 2009 6:23 pm

the good old times...

even though I'm quite young, I still had the opportunity to experience ms-dos at primary school (although it was mostly playing games, like the 120 (or 140?) floppy disk install of a football game), life seemed so simple back then..
and then a few years ago when I was venturing into my first programming environment, here again came ms-dos to help me learn the basics.. my dad brought me an old computer he had stored away in the basement.. oh I wish I was born ten years earlier, just to be able to grow up with the technologies - and not just adapt to all the new ones appearing..

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I miss MS-DOS (well, perhaps "miss" is not the right term as I drop to command line to do everything Vista sucks at, but I think you know what I mean).

I have fond memories of MS-DOS, Logo, Basic, and constantly swapping 5 1/4 110 KB floppy disks.
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The sad thing is I still remember some of the command prompt keystrokes. CD/ this or that directory. DIR to get the listing of files. Maybe DIR *.exe to weed out the chaff.
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I still remember commands I used back in the day too... anyone remember "arj a -v1440 *.* filename"
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oh hell yeah, and then having to keep track of up to a dozen 3.5 floppies (numbered in sequential order) so my precious random document or warez file could be backed up or shared.
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Nibbles and Gorillas.
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I don't miss MS DOS, the company that I work for still maintains ancient programs on it. Borland C 5.0 can bite my shiny metal ass. 640KB is only good for just so many programs.
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