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The great thing about this announcement is that we can see RIM is finally getting serious with development tools and giving us a different take on how to…

interact with their devices all while providing a new modern OS to complement its users. Don't get me wrong, OS6 is great but many people now look to APPS to determine whether they move to that device. I don't fit into that category but it doesnt mean I don't want any support but I much prefer a device to do what I want straight out the box and the PlayBook seems to do that whilst not limiting the user to proprietary ports or telling them what they can't have e.g flash. Many people don't leave home without their phone so the PlayBook would make an interesting companion.

Sure we have to wait until 2011 but it certainly gives time for developers to hone their skills to get something out to market just before its out whilst RIM creates excitement now with some awesome specs. I hope they follow through unlike what had happened with the creative zii (still promising) but have yet to follow through with their promises.

Will it be enough to replace my netbook? I'll just have to wait and see... In the meantime, I look forward to BB OS6 continuing progress and the Blackberry Torch finally making its release in my area of the world.

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