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November 4th 2009 9:21 am

The HTC HD2 is coming to the US in early 2010!

HTC issued a release tonight that it's officially launching the HD2 in the US in early 2010! Exciting stuff.

We've already heard T-Mobile is getting it overseas this month, but we still don't yet know who will be getting it Stateside when it debuts next year.

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I'm glad to see an official announcement. From the rumors I've read about it looks like T-mo USA is going to be picking it up. It will be good for WM to have the HD2 in the US though I must admit I always hate how much garbage is added to carrier locked devices. Personally I'm crossing my fingers for a GSM unlocked and unbranded HD2 with 850 3G support.
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I just wonder how long it will take for a CDMA version to appear..... on Verizon..... ill hope for sooner than later.
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C'mon Verizon - show me what your made of! Bring this phone!!! sigh.. lol
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So if it's on T-Mobile, I get an amazingly fast phone, with an excellent browser and huge screen, that only really does me any good in the 2 dozen places T-Mobile actually has 3G. Oh and occasionally I might experience a few hours of disabled voice service. So it can't reliably make calls, connect to 3G for web browsing, and it will probably cost $350. WHY!?!?! Just give it to us on Verizon or Sprint, or unlocked 850/1900 UMTS.
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So a few hours of downtime is now the biggest arguement you have against T-Mobile? I think it was preparation for the launch of HSPA+ early-to-mid next year. I could be wrong, but I also could be right.

21 Mbps data on a phone is faster than what I have at home. I'll take a night of no service to get that.
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I agree it was a few hours of downtime for the first time in many years if ever. One bad day isn't going to change my thoughts that tmo is still the cheapest of all the other telecoms.
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What I would like to know, is when it will come to Canada. We here in the great white north always lag behind the US when it comes to phones. Why is that?
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Because of the Big 3 sucking.
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