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May 8th 2011 8:17 pm

The low light image processing is great!

However, some noise is present even in moderately well-lit shots, but only really noticeable when the images are enlarged. The ability to zoom while recording video is a long-wished for feature in point and shoots. The motor has a slower, quieter mode of operation while recording. The image stabilization is also astonishingly good. I had a hard time taking blurry pictures when I tried. Haven't played with any of the specialty modes like smart shutter, high-speed burst or movie digest yet. A good camera for literal point and shoot operation that reliably produces good photos. Purists will want to stick with an SLR though, as the image processing used to compensate for hardware shortcomings will not produce as high quality a picture.

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Thanks for the post. I've read on some reviews that this model features an ultra-wide angle lens. Have you noticed the additional screen real-estate with your photos or is it negligible at best?
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It's certainly nice to have and I can notice a significant difference compared to my old point and shoot (a 35mm). Canon claims 24mm equivalent focal length, which is pretty good for a camera of this size, although some other cameras do have similar capabilities. I'm not a professional photographer so I can't speak from that perspective, but it is nice in certain situations (like a crowded convention all) where you want to get a lot into a picture without being able to stand too far away. Seeing as how the lens is of course fixed, it's probably a good idea to get a fairly versatile one, and this one is. That said, a basic EF-S lens for an SLR will offer 18mm (I think that's adjusted for APS-C, again, I'm not a pro) so if you need really good wide angle capability, this is the wrong market segment.
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