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June 16th 2010 1:07 pm

The only reason I will not get the New Xbox 360 is because I actually use the memory card slot and have since the beginning.

My girlfriend and I have our profiles on two cards and take them between the bedroom and living room xboxes and sometimes over to friends houses and her house in another city.

I understand you can use USB sticks now, but there is no need for it so far since everyone I know has the older style Xbox 360....

other than that, the new model is pretty impressive. I wish it didn't have the power brick but oh well.... I'll probably just get an Xbox Elite once they drop the price since I've wanted a black one (that won't red ring) for a long time anyway (to match the black TV, entertainment center, TiVo Premiere, Pioneer receiver, and PS3)...

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I'm in the same boat with using a 360 memory card, but I'm not sure if I understand the issue. You can transfer your profile info to a usb memory key and use that memory on the xbox 360 original that your friends have.

Its a shame make the $30 I spent on my 360 memory card useless, but were are not actually blocked from keeping the same profile and moving around to systems at friends houses.
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Yeah you are a bit off I think. Just copy it over to a USB and you are good to go for any 360. You may have to deal with 360's that are not up to date if they are not connected to the internet, but you can download those and after doing it once it's done. Also, I think that the over priced 360 USB sticks come with the system update on them for systems that need it to use them as storage.

Either way I say switch now and know that a USB is a better more versitile storage option.
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it would just be a waste of money atm....

two memory cards - 1 64MB and the other 512MB (and because of proprietary M$ nonsense, they were way too expensive - just like the hard drives....)

we have 4 xbox 360's in the house (2 mine, 2 are roommates) and none are this new model....

and ya the microsoft ones are way overpriced as usual... if I got two for me and my gf, I would just get cheapies from Microcenter or Fry's... they always have them cheap there...
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last time I checked this is a gadget website and lots of people on here upgrade their equipment all the time... sometimes for no other reason except that its newer, shinier...

I would like to do this with the new Xbox also.. this is the only reason I won't... its very simple...

I've wanted a black 360 forever but haven't cared enough to go out and get one.... almost everything we talk about on here is pointless and we argue about nothing all the time...

don't single me out just because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or your xbox red-ringed too....

I've gotten about 6 red rings since the xbox launched when I have never sent in another console for repair before. I have earned the right to trash this aspect of it whenever I feel like and lots of us have...
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you are in no way any sort of normal xbox consumer

You've gotten six red rings yet you continue to want to buy more xboxs (battered wife syndrome much?)

You're "LEGACY" equipment, was useless with the removable hard drive.....only really useful if you didn't have a hard drive...which knowing a "gadget" guy like yourself, you would never buy an arcade.

This is one of multiple threads where i see you complaining because you've bought 16 xbox's or ps3's or netflix streaming devices.....and you post that you won't buy something new because of the littlest thing, that really isn't a problem at all, just something you want to make a stink about to demonstrate your superior gadget prowess.

And the most ridiculous part of all of this, is that I can almost guarantee you that in the next 10 months, you'll put one of the new xbox's on your "have" list.

PS really enjoying your ability to know exactly how i feel today, and how many times my xbox has red-ringed. I wonder if you have a gadget for that? or are just telepathic?
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lol - everyone says the detachable hard drive made memory cards useless - AND THEY ARE ALL WRONG!!!

there is no way we would detach our hard drives all the time and take them up and down the stairs every time just to watch a netflix video....also, taking off your hard drive reboots the console, while pulling a memory card out does nothing (but sign you out....)

also, I couldn't take my saves and songs over to your house and play with them since you need your hard drive...

and the downloading the profile takes forever and is a pain in the ass.. especially entering your password in front of everyone

the memory card makes everything so much easier.... it seems the only thing the detachable hard drive was good for was easily replacing your console or having microsoft swap your console with refurb so you could get back to gaming quickly... its like they planned for it to fail....

and battered wife nothing, I'm a gamer first and foremost.... I try to play every game regardless of platform and the xbox has a lot of great exclusives just like the PS3 and Wii... it pisses me off to have to use it given all the trouble, but I love the games... simple as that....
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Let's behave folks.
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I've noticed a trend that you seem to being starting threads to waste time

you can buy a usb stick for under 5 dollars for one thing.

2. "The only reason I will not get the New Xbox 360 is because I actually use the memory card slot and have since the beginning"

what the hell do you need new xbox's for? this is a non-issue to you. That's not the ONLY reason. a good reason you won't buy it is YOU ALREADY OWN 2!?!

3. you could have always just switched the hard drives out without ever having to buy memory cards. You're the fool for buying them in the first place.

you're just answering a question that nobody asked you. This is the most idiotic reason anyone would have not to buy a new xbox 360 and I'm merely pointing that out.
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lol - so I can't have an opinion just because you're having a crappy day? awesome...

somebody shut down the internet....

I can buy as many xboxes as I want... I can replace the s**tty one that keeps breaking because Microsoft couldn't engineer it better if I choose... The cards work perfectly fine right now...

I said in the original post that I appreciate the value and features in the new Xbox... This is the only reason I won't be getting it...

Its only a post to inform some people that didn't know otherwise... It would really suck to spend $300 and not be aware your legacy equipment didn't work.... with any purchase thats a downer....
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Yeah new USB sticks are a cost. I just didn't want people to think they couldn't get the new 360 and use the profiles and saves on their old memory cards. Just clarifying what is possible and what you are personally able to do for others is all.
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thanks Bucho and I understand... all Microsoft did was shut off one memory source and turn on another with the exact same features..

the USB sticks allow you up to 32 GB of space (2 sticks x 16 GB each) to have your profiles and saves and other content.... this is actually a major upgrade over the memory cards which topped out at 512 MB (for some god awful reason.....)

as I only use them for our profiles and a few saves though, they work perfectly for me...
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