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September 14th 2012 2:36 pm

The only thing boring about the iPhone 5 is the criticism

I wrote a little piece on The Tech Block about why many people don't understand what Apple is doing here. They're refining in the same way the best brands in the world do. They are essentially building Leica cameras for the masses.

You can read it here if you'd like: thetechblock.com­/boring­-iphone­-5­-criticism

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Agreed. When you look at other things people absolutely love like tv shows or movies the sequels aren't much different than the first one and that's okay.

Developing a fan base is hard, very hard. Apple has that as dozens of websites and spies leaked tidbits of the product so there were virtually no surprises at the launch event. Apple doesn't need to market the product since everyone wants it. And if they changed it too much there would be a bigger backlash than we already have with this dock connector change.

When people complain about how Facebook is always changes things I always argue that it's evolution: things change over time. Usually for the better. The new dock connector is smaller, thinner and probably charges and sends data both faster than the connector that was in use for nearly a decade.

It's boring when Windows didn't do anything new for a long time or when Madden only updated rosters year to year, but that's the great/horrible thing about big companies with lots of customers/fans. Part of the company/fan base wants to push the envelope and part wants to have the same familiar thing with a minor refresh. You always make more profit with a minor refresh so that tends to happen more often.

iPhones are only made to last a few years. I don't think my iPhone has slowed down at all since launch day June over 2 years ago, but I feel like it's time for a new one, with faster internet, bigger display, thinner and lighter. New headphones are cool too!

Fragmentation sucks so anytime a company can get big and continually improve their products and satisfy millions of people, it's a good thing.
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Have you guys seen that they are making three different versions of the
iPhone 5? What are your thoughts on this? You can check out the article
about it here: newsbit.us­/iphone5
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The phones are basically the same. The only difference is the network they connect to. Its not a big deal
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agreed! too much complain noise, but mostly android users.
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