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March 19th 2014 2:14 pm

The only type of SMS messages I get anymore...

Thanks to things like iMessage, Google Hangouts, Facebook, good old email, and the like, I rarely get a legitimate SMS message anymore. The only messages I still get on a consistent basis are two-factor verification codes for various web services and the assorted spam SMS message.

It's kind of crazy and I've started thinking about killing my SMS plan altogether (and just paying per message). Has anyone else done this and found it significantly cheaper?

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It is included in most plans out there right now. I am honestly surprised that you HAVE a stand alone SMS plan.
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Hah, maybe you're correct. I'll have to check the details of my plan. It'd make sense though, SMS messages were such a ridiculous money making racket for carriers.
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I couldn't cancel my SMS plan if I wanted to, it's built into my plan.
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