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April 12th 2013 11:48 am

The problem is not the phone, it's the company.

2-3 years ago HTC was king of the hill when it came to keeping it's handsets up-to-date with respect to Android versions. They are now one of the worst. They seem to have lost their customer focus during their recent hard times. While Samsung and other are rolling out a steady stream of updates -- much to the enjoyment of customers who have invested a considerable amount of dollars into higher end smartphones -- HTC's recent business practice seem to be to issue NO updates, hoping consumers will feel the need to purchase a new $650 HTC phone each year as a means of getting those OS and security updates.

While the One maybe an awesome phone, as an HTC Desire HD owner, there is no way I'd ever buy another HTC product. The company no longer seems to care about supporting devices once they are in the hands of the consumer.

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My 3 year old HTC Evo has gotten an update within the past 2 months. There's more than just HTC to blame in updates to phones. If the carrier doesn't care enough, they won't test/push updates.
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Not sure but thought I read a report that they plan to push 4.2 out within a few months to the One. Might be a bit later to US folks though. I guess my question being and Android novice, Is there that much difference between 4.1 to 4.2?
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Not that much difference between those 2 versions.

HTC actually isn't too terrible with regards to updates. Most phones are getting at least one update (The One X went from 4.0.4 to 4.1 and is getting a sense 5 update in the future)

The real problem is that people are buying phones expecting updates past what is promised by the manufacturers. In the dumbphone days, you bought a phone and it had the same software version its entire life.

The approach consumers should be taking is "Do I want this phone for 2-3 years if it were to stay on the version of software it ships with". If the answer is no, the only real safe bet is a phone like the Nexus 4 which Google will personally deliver updates to, regardless of carriers. Carriers slow down the update process by adding their own qualifications an update needs to meet.

It takes effort to update an entire line of phones and companies are going to focus on what makes them the most money.
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Tbh, 4.2 isn't really that critical of an update, so I'm not too fused that it's not there during the launch of the HTC One.

In terms of updates for flagship devices, HTC seems to be second to Samsung, but better than all others (many of whom still on 4.0 or just recently got 4.1). As for lesser devices, I read that overall HTC seems to be the most punctual, but no company seems to care about updating lesser devices on time.

But you are right, with flagship devices, they are starting to fall behind more and more. They used to be even faster than Samsung, now they're usually a month or 2 behind. Then again, you can't expect the company to work at 100% efficiency when they're losing so much money and are trying to cut costs.
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I hope you don't mean you are currently using an HTC Desire...that phone is 3 years old. Expecting 4.2 on it is extremely far fetched.

Others make good points.
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Not the Desire, the Desire HD. Yes it's an older phone, but was one of the flagship phones of it's day and was better spec'd than many of the phones released after it. HTC pulled it's official ICS release for this (and many other) phones at the last minute. Right around the time they were releasing the One X. Suspicious.

As for 4.2 on this phone, I haven't tried one myself, but there are plenty of custom 4.2.2 ROMS (Jellytime being one of the more popular ones) than run very well on this device. Without some official drivers from HTC though, there always seems to be one or 2 things that don't quite work 100% (like Bluetooth and camera).

My opinion still stands. HTC does a horrible job of supporting their phones. Until they prove they are willing to support devices for the full 2-3 years that consumers will have them, my recommendation would be to buy a Nexus device or possibly a Samsung. I know my next phone will be one of those 2.
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