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September 13th 2013 2:04 am

The rise of 4K home entertainment!

If you don't know already of the brimming market for 4K home entertainment systems you must live under a rock or something. More and more of these crazily expensive televisions, 4K Blu-Ray players, and now even movies are appearing everywhere. 4K resolution is basically 4 times that of full HD res. showing close to 9 million pixels on cinema standard models. What do you think of 4K? will it ever have a feasible consumer market or remain something we "common folk" can only dream of obtaining.

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Slow down retro grasshoppa. Ain't no 4K content going to be available for live sports or tv shows for a while. Like at least 5 years. Sure you'll be able to pay a boatload for a few movies here and there, but you realize you're the only one, right?

I love the idea of 4K a lot more than I ever did for 3D. I think it is the future, but still a few years off. A lot of tv shows are still shown in 720p so since the public is still not demanding 1080i, why would the suppliers break their neck (for cheap) to get you 4K?

My prediction: 5 years until it's popular. 10 years until 4K is the standard, maybe more. I've seen a side to side comparison...and it's really not as dramatic and compelling as it sounds.

To add further insult to injury, telling the general population that their HD tv isn't good enough is a tough argument, especially when most are less than 10 years into their purchase.
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I guess it all depends on how they plan to actually market these tvs. I don't see to many tv shows being shot in 4K resolutions anytime soon as most are still only 720/480p. Maybe they could make it possible to show big ticket sporting events in 4K resolution but theres still the matter of streaming it to the home, there are still many people not using a paid tv service provider. So maybe these 4Ks could wind up being exclusively for 4K movie viewing on a 4K disc player.

The demand for 4K globally has skyrocketed over the past year reaching the millions in China who is currently pioneering the 4K movement. If 4K is successful in the Chinese market come the end of this year then its very possible the battle of 4K could be seen as early as 2014...it will be an ugly one though that's for sure.
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I think your timeline is absolutely fair. A lot of TV services are moving towards IP or Fiber based transport (instead of just cable) and I imagine the bandwidth needed to transport 4K to every home in the country is going to be ludicrous.

Until infrastructure evolves, there will be no commonplace 4K. It is a huge financial cost to upgrade these things :)
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