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September 29th 2011 6:30 pm

The rumor mill says the Canon S100 release date has been pushed up.

I just put my pre-order in. Normally I wait for items to be out long enough for at least a minor price drop but the S95 was worth every penny and I have no doubt the S100 will be as well.

A few sites said that the release date had been pushed up into October (one with a pre-order screen shot) but my pre-order gives a delivery date ranging between the first week of November and second week of December... so my excitement when I started this post has lessened some... but not enough to not post.

My S95 was stolen a few months back and I've been dying not having an in between DSLR & phone camera. I was *this* close to getting the Olympus E-P3 when I found out that Canon was releasing the S100... and well, brand change crisis averted! (i was really nervous about that)

The S95 was really great for what it was... both in terms of performance and size. I can't wait to have that functionality back in my life. The camera on my Droid (the original one) just doesn't cut it. :p

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The black one is out already on Bestbuy (check the store first to see if they still have it, if it's like the S90, they will run out quick). Alas, the silver one, which I want, is not out yet. :(
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