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September 28th 2010 3:54 pm

The specs look good so far except for the 7" display (and of course the battery life and price are no-shows).

Does anyone that already owns an iPad *and* a smartphone really wish their iPad had a smaller display? I don't have an iPad, but I suspect not.

If I had a tablet, I'd use it mainly to replace a subnotebook for couch surfing where screen size and battery life are of critical importance, where for both, more = better as long as they don't make it unwieldy. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say most consumers feel the same.

So RIM says but this is for business use...Ok. Then why are they taunting games and movies? A 16x9 display is obviously aimed towards movies. 4:3 is roughly the same aspect ratio as 8.5 x 11" paper...

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I do own an iPad/iPhone/BlackBerry and have to say that the iPad screen size is perfect - HOWEVER it is slightly unwieldy to use.

By this, I mean it is slightly too heavy to hold with one hand for extended periods of time, it is just a bit too wide for me to thumb-type like I do on my phones, and is slightly too large when I want to just carry it around with me. Not sure whether 7" is too small, but I certainly plan to find out!
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I use to carry my 15" laptop everywhere I went overseas. the battery life sucked. The weight just got to me in the end especially when you're carrying a DSLR and a travel backpack.

I got a netbook because it got rid of the battery life issues and the weight. it was the perfect size at 8.9". I didn't consider the 7" version because it had a measely 2/4gb ssd drive and was running some form of linux.

I wouldn't consider the iPad for many reasons such as the size and that the apps on there didn't suit what I needed to when on the go. I think the 7" Playbook looks interesting, more so if you own a Blackberry (who goes anywhere without their phone nowadays) and the multimedia possibilities certain outstrip what I can do on my netbook but things are also progressing in that area too.

I could see this replacing my netbook if the programs on there can suitably replace the ones I use. we'll see how that goes, it certainly needs more storage space but again i think 7-8 inches would be great as I would consider it if I can get more than 6 hours of reasonable work out of it.
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