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June 23rd 2014 9:41 am

The Steam sale is on! What bargains have you added to your pile of shame?

Steam's summer sale started this past Thursday and lasts until June 30, meaning that many computer gamers have now (virtually) emptied their wallets to take advantage of discounts on games ranging as high as 90% off their regular price.

And people are pretty much losing their minds.


Even I have succumbed to the lure of cheap games, and have been checking the flash sales and daily deals. So what have I bought?

Funny enough...nothing from Steam yet. I checked my wishlist and saw that everything on it was on sale, though nothing at the threshold where I'm ready to add to my pile of shame. Except...I've had The 7th Guest and its sequel, The 11th Hour, on my list for a while. I've always wanted to replay 7th Guest, and I've never played 11th Hour, as I could never get it running stably on my machine at the time it came out. So when I saw they were half off, it was tempting. But as I was talking about it, I remember the games were originally on GOG before they were on Steam, and it made me wonder how much they were there...

Lo and behold, 7th Guest was on flash sale for $1.49 at that very moment. So hell yes I bought it. And 11th Hour was the same price as on Steam, but DRM-free, so I got that too.

So that's my shopping tale. How about you? How much has your backlog grown?

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I've mostly gone for the smaller indies this year, like To the Moon, Gunpoint, The Fall, Year Walk, and Ether One. I've been good so far with sticking to my original budget plan... so far. The Flash Sales still have a chance to lay waste to my wallet.

I haven't even played half the games I bought from the last Steam sale. But how can you beat these deals?!
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I've already ignored two deals on GOG—one for Long Live the Queen, because it was—no joke—$0.40 more than I wanted to spend, and The Blackwell Bundle for $2.99, because it didn't include the latest game and I'm pretty sure there will probably be another bundle next year that will have all five games for the same price.

I'm kicking myself for missing out on Long Live the Queen not once, but twice now, as it was a flash sale again on GOG yesterday but I didn't get to a computer in time to buy it. Because I realized I was being silly about the forty cents.
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$0.40? I am pretty sure a flavor shot at starbucks costs more than that difference, and provides less enjoyment haha
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The flavor shot is also unlikely to take up mental space. For all the people who say that having a large digital collection isn't a problem because it doesn't take up physical space, I'd say they're wrong, because I feel spending money on things you don't use weighs on you mentally. I'm hesitant to buy a lot of games when I might not play them for years. And you've seen my backlog—it goes back almost a decade for some titles.
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Updated list of stuff I've bought:
  • The 7th Guest (GOG)
  • The 11th Hour (GOG)
  • Gone Home (Steam)
  • Fahrenheit (GOG)
  • Long Live the Queen (GOG)
GOG.com really is killing me here -- I've spent the past two days constantly checking the site, waiting for Long Live the Queen to come up in a flash sale again, and it finally came up past midnight last night, so I bought it. And then when I woke up there it was again. And now, I see it in the queue to come up yet again. :shakes fist:

I think I'm good for now, though every time the Blackwell Bundle comes across I have to tell myself "wait until next year, it'll probably have all five games in it by then..."
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I have only added The Witcher 2 to my arsenal so far,

In an hour though, if Transistor wins the community choice vote, I'll be going for that as well
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Let's see, adding to my library of games that I'll never play:
  • Borderlands 2 (I hear this game is supposed to be pretty fun!)
  • Age of Empires 3 Complete (with AoE II HD as well)
I'm really debating whether or not to jump into this flash sale for Farm Simulator 2013 as well...
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Borderlands 2 is great! Especially if you have a friend to play it with.
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The only things I've bought so far (mainly because I already uhm... have almost everything that's been offered) are the last two Transformers games: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. They were 75% off, and were both rated pretty highly. Figured they might be worth playing before the latest game in the series is released this week.

Of course, like most games I get during a Steam sale, I haven't even come close to playing them like I always convince myself I will.
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The only things I've snagged so far were 5-6 of the Borderlands 2 DLC I was missing. I play with 2 friends and they've been waiting on me to get these so we can all play them together. Cost me $12 or so. I think I'm going to be good and not get anything else, since I haven't played some of the games I got last year.
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i just purchased this bundle: www.playinjector.com/ (Globicide: Earth is Dead, Hassle Heart, Noire, Numba Deluxe, Shi No Mori, Skyward Collapse, 12 Labours of Hercules, Miner Wars 2081)

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