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July 20th 2012 7:40 pm

The TF700T appears to be the best tablet in the world at the moment (for now).

These are initial impressions. I've barely had the tablet 6 hours.

I'm going to need at least a week with this tablet before I can be completely objective in a review, but these are my initial thoughts:

1) Don't believe your TF201 dock won't work. It works flawlessly with mine.
2) For some reason my 64GB Sandisk MicroSD card formatted with NTFS is not recognized by the tablet, but it works perfectly fine in the tablet dock.
3) Yes, the screen is better, but it's only just barely perceptible. Much like how the new iPad's display ceases to matter once you are more than 16" away, the same thing is in play. It's more gimmick than anything. You do notice the slight improvement in color and contrast and brightness over the TF201. It's about the same amount the TF201's display was better than the New iPad's display when factoring color and contrast and brightness. You DO notice the difference between the TF700T's display over the new iPad. The gulf between them is just bigger than the TF201's was. This is clearly the best display you can get on a tablet right now.
4) I rooted pretty quickly using the Transformer Prime's debugfs exploit. I was going to wait, but I can't stand ads, and adblock for Android is awesome, but requires root. The great thing about this root method is it doesn't require unlocking the bootloader, so you don't violate your warranty. Just another thing that makes this tablet the best in the world.
5) The aluminum is amazingly tough. I've already dropped it once (I'm clumsy) and even better, on concrete. No scratches. No breakage. I was geniunely surprised. I can only attribute this to the superior quality of aluminum, and the fact it's properly anodized unlike the utensil grade un-anodized aluminum on the inferior ipad.
6) Asus must have really taken the criticism of the GPS and Wifi performance on the TF201 to heart. This has the best GPS reception of any device I own. I'm able to pick up 4 birds on the first floor of an upscale DC apartment. No other device I have can pick up satellites through 12 floors. Outside I picked up 16 in under 15 seconds. The Wifi performance is a revelation. I was able to walk outside and walk around without losing signal. I walked the whole way to k-street (120 feet away) from my cheap netgear wireless-n hotspot. This is now the strongest wifi device I own.
7) If you are lazy like I was and you restore your tf201 apps from titanium backup, it will give you tiny TF201 size icons for everything. You will have to replace them one at a time to fix them. Not a huge deal, but mildly annoying.

Give me about a week to thoroughly test this thing in the real world. I'm going to use this as my desktop replacement like I had been using my TF201. I can say I did a dirty restore from a TF201, I've been testing every app, no crashes, no slowness, no lag. And this isn't Jellybean. This is just ICS 4.0.3. I'm typing this review on it. Where the iPad would be lagged to hell at this point dealing with the page and text input, this is snappy and perfect and feels more like a great laptop than a tablet.

From my initial impressions, nothing made beats this tablet. It does not deserve the 82 rating the apple biased owners of this site gave it. It's obvious they didn't even try one.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Rest assured I will complain long and loudly about what I do not like about this tablet just like I did in my Nexus 7 review.

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Quick Note:

Confirmed. It is the best tablet in the world right now. I finished my full review and posted it. Rather than wait a week, I did a marathon session where I tried everything to make it stumble. I absolutely love this tablet.
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