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July 3rd 2012 11:48 pm

The Wii U's cost and you

I found it curious that Nintendo didn't reveal the price of the Wii U at this year's E3. I'm hoping Nintendo doesn't make the same mistake Sony did with the launch of the PS3 by pricing it way out of range of most people.

I personally would have to re-think my possible purchase it the Wii U turns out to be more than $299, especially seeing as many launch titles will just be games that will already be available on the Xbox 360 & PS3, but with "Wii U" specific controls.

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Nintendo's aim has ALWAYS been to get their systems into the homes of families, and have priced their consoles to match. When the PS3 and Xbox 360 had high launch prices ($499, $399) the Wii was launched at $250 to fight back.

The Wii became a very popular console because of the price (among other factors)

I don't see Nintendo changing their strategy, and a $299 launch seems appropriate with the new technology they are bringing in
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I agree. $299 would be my guess for the launch price, and the console will likely ship with a first-party game and a GamePad. If the initial launch doesn't take off very well, however, look for a $50 price cut within maybe 6 months. I hope it doesn't come to that.
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If the Nintendo 3DS was any indication, I don't think Nintendo is staying true to their strategy of keeping their new consoles affordable for families.

The 3DS was launched at a $249 price point, even though Nintendo attempted to justify the boost in technology with the 3D without glasses tech.

Seeing as Nintendo will not only be producing a "next-gen" console as well as a controller that has a touch-screen on it and interacts with the Wii U in a number of ways, I HOPE it sells for $299, but I wouldn't be surprised if it sold for more than that.
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I say it launches for $249. That is if they care more about getting the systems into homes more than profit. If they are going for profit first I say $299 maybe even $349. This all depends on the cost of the controller.
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