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August 19th 2009 8:07 pm

Theoretical Improvements Over the MX Revolution

I'm a huge fan of the MX Revolution and wanted to list my favorite upgrades this mouse is bringing.

1. Charging Method - No More Cradle! - You never have to stop using your mouse if the batteries run low, because you can plug in the charging cable (to the normal corded mouse place) and keep on going.

2. Receiver - The MX Revolution just missed the tiny receiver boat, so the new tiny size is a big plus, but also their new "Unifying" tech will let you use one receiver for multiple components - in theory then we can have receivers in all our computers and move our accessories around. It sounds great, and hopefully it will work with zero hassle.

3. No More Side "Wheel" - the MX Revolution side "wheel" was deceiving because it looked exactly like the scroll wheel but didn't spin... and personally the side "wheel" was never in reach of my thumb when I had a comfortable grip - So I'm a fan of the new buttons.

What else are people excited about?

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It looks to be a nice replacement for my VX Revolution.

I wanted to get an MX Revolution, but since it needed the cradle, it wouldn't really work so well with a laptop.

The fact that it charges via a built in usb port makes it possible for laptop usage.

Also, the whole Darkfield tech is really nice, that way it doesn't matter what surface, it'll just work.

If anything, the Logitech control center better be revamped and I want full control over the four buttons near the thumb, just because I could find better use for the zoom and document switcher buttons than their default purpose.
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So I finally got the mouse in my hands - and it's excellent, I did a video comparison between it and my beloved MX Revolution (I also posted this on the MX Revolution page, because it has both mice in the video).


Any thoughts, or specific questions about features?
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I remember reading about this, and how it compares to the MX Revolution... the difference in shape is primarily what I'm interested in, as I tend to like "high" mouse. Flatter mouse work for me as I usually end up holding the mouse with my hand in a claw-kind of position.
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I agree with you, I'm a claw gripper to, it just sucks that it seems like the mice with the best features are all super ergonomically designed, which is only good for when you have the sensitivity or DPI jacked all the way up. The second you have to start lifting the thing, you get instant arthritis, and have to down Bayer like you're 90 years old.

I got used to the ergonomic shape though, and the features on this guy seem to be fairly unmatched for what I want, so I might pick it up anyway. I don't game much anymore on my PC, so whatev.
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Note that the scroll where side-to-side motion is now "analog", in that the harder you press, the faster you scroll - much nicer!
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