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November 17th 2012 4:44 am

There are two reasons, and two reasons only, why I won't buy this

The first one is the 16GB storage, which is a big problem for me because I don't use cloud storage and I need a lot of space.
The second reason is that a little device called Asus PadFone 2 will come out shortly and for me this device plus the "Tablet" are the perfect combination.

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Your first reason is valid, as a lot of people are unhappy about the 16GB limit. In the future there may be a 32GB version.

Your second reason is more interesting. The Asus Padfone 2 (32GB) is 899 euros. In comparison, the Nexus 4 costs 239 euros.

So the PadFone is more than 3 times the cost. In fact, for 900 euros I could buy a Nexus 4 AND an Ipad and use both devices at the same time. I would not be limited to one or the other.
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I agree with you! I believe that Google (or LG) may expand the internal memory in the future. As for pricing USD 350.00 is very good for a phone with it's specs. I live in Seychelles, doubt I'll be getting my hands on this device anytime soon :(
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You are right about the pricing, the price of the of the device is great, but the reason I will buy the Padfone 2 is because it has the highest spec, the screen is amazing, there is a 64GB version and when ever I want to watch a movie or video a website in full size I don't need to put my phone down and then go get my tablet load the website or transfer the movie I want to watch to it I can just plug my phone into the station AND it charged my device!
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Wow, you must really use a lot of space. I used a HTC Sensation Z710e with an 8GB removable card. It was more than enough.
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