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There is a problem with Android phone classification on the site.

Actually, the problem isn't so much about the site as it is about how different devices are due to what carrier they are on and what country they are being sold in.

Take the Galaxy S for example. That was eventually split into four gadget pages (5 if you include the original) based on the variations of each carrier. Each phone was very much different in terms of hardware design although they had pretty much the same specs and very similar software.

On the contrary, the problem I've noticed is based on software. Two examples - the T-Mobile G2/HTC Desire Z and the T-Mobile G2x/LG Optimus 2X. The G2 is mostly stock Android while the Desire Z features Sense. Although it can be argued that the phone itself is still the same, the software makes so much of a difference that some would say they are totally different devices. More recently, the Optimus 2X featured a skin that was so detrimental to the user experience, the browser would constantly crash. The newly launched G2x, however, features stock Android and as a result has been named as one of the best and smoothest Android devices out there.

To add to my argument, Engadget put out two separate reviews for the O 2x and the G2x with separate scores. So here's my question - Are gadgets, specifically Android phones, filed as separate gadgets solely based on their hardware? At what point do carrier customizations make large enough of a difference for it to be a separate gadget of its own?

PS - I know it is possible to put your own software/flash ROMs to devices with bad skins but that is besides the point.

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Ultimately it's the hardware that counts, and for the Market the carrier you're on. The problem with software is that due to rooting and such, one can easily install the Desire Z ROM on the G2, and vice versa.

If the phone itself can't be determined, it's classified by it's code name. For instance, my Desire Z running stock Android on Vodafone MT is sometime classified as the HTC Vision, as the hardware between the G2 and Desire Z is identical. At least the most important parts are.
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