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May 2nd 2013 5:36 pm

There will be no Otterbox for the Galaxy Note 8.0

I contacted Otterbox to see when they would have a case available for the Note 8.0 and I got a reply saying they have no plans to make accessories for this device. :( Maybe they will change their minds if it sells a lot of units, but that's not likely. As fragile as the Note 2 is, there is no way I will buy one of these unless I can find a case that will make it safe to drop.

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I purchased a Galaxy Note 8.0 & am looking for a case (& keyboard, but a case is the 1st priority). Do you have any ideas?! It's very difficult to find a 'drop resistant' product for this, as you noted in your post above.
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I bought the case linked below for each of the kids' tablets and it isn't as drop resistant as an OtterBox, but it has kept them safe so far. While traveling during the Summer, my daughter set hers on top of some stuff in the hatchback of the van and it fell 4.5 feet to the pavement when I opened the hatch and it did not get damaged, so it is definitely better than nothing. Moko also has a case with a Bluetooth keyboard in it that I have never used but I saved it in my Amazon Wishlist when I was going through cases, so the reviews must have been decent. That is the 2nd link:


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