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September 14th 2012 2:20 pm

Thinking about this for my girls

With the improvements of children's ebooks, I am thinking about getting this color ereader for my girls (toddlers). I don't really want them to have ALL the functionality of an iPad (or the size) and I still want them to have a "book feel" -- anyone know if you can disable purchases or games/apps web browsing? We just want this to be our "mobile library" and the HD looks too big/weird shaped. Thanks!

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Check out the Nexus 7 as well! Kindle doesn't have the app library that other android devices so realize that you won't be getting the newest and best apps. As far as getting the "book feel" getting a color tablet is not nearly as similar as getting an E-ink reader like the Kindle or Kindle Touch. Realize that the product will be outdated within a year and they are more likely to spill, throw and damage it than an older child.

By the time your kids are in school, depending on where you live, there may be no such thing as a textbook anymore. The only books kids may have are children's books simply because there's so many of them and they don't "go bad" or get beat up like textbooks.

If you want your kids to have a tablet, buying them a Kindle Fire isn't a bad idea. Realize that the main reason you're buying it is price. Not software, size or quality.

If you want them to practice reading and have something to play games on, I would go iPad over anything else everyday of the week. iOS devices are proven to be the easiest to learn how to use, so consider that. My wife is a 1st grade teacher in MA and next year her classroom is going to have iPads. I know they won't be allowed to go home and I don't know how many, but iPads are embraced the choice of educational institutions.

If you want them to practice reading and not play games, get a E-ink tablet like the Nook or Kindle. There will be no eye strain and E-ink devices are cheaper overall, but they are strictly for reading.
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Thanks for the reply, but my the eink children's books stink! It is like a bad photocopy of a coloring book. lol
I want them to experience the colored photos ("The man with the yellow hat" in Curious George becomes confusing when it is in black and white - ha). We have lots of ipads, but there is too much to get into and I don't want to have to enable/disable restrictions every time. We have an old iPad1 I could probably convert to the "reader", but I would rather have a designated book sized color ereader. I've looked at the Nexus7 and I like it a lot, however, there is also a lot they could get into as far as apps and browsing goes so i would have the same question.

I bet Amazon is working on the "Kindle for Kids" -- if not, they should be!!
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