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August 12th 2014 12:58 pm

This is Jony Ive's master bedroom...

Where is all the aluminum???

Sotheby's International took a peek inside Jony Ive's 7,274 square foot San Francisco mansion (valued at $17 million dollars). It's a interesting (and kind of creepy) look at the personal taste of one of this generation's most influential industrial designers.

Via: www.designboom.com­/architecture­/inside­-jonathan­-iv...

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For a guy who is heralded for so much with design this is the most generic "rich person" house I've seen. I was expecting a lot more modern, with less stuff and furniture. It just looks like a fancy hotel.
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That's my take as well! I may love how he's designed my phone and computer, but stay away from suggesting how to improve my living space, please.
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I'll be honest though, I would have thought we'd at least seen a TopBrewer built into some counter top! But alas... www.scanomat.com­/int­/topbrewer­/introduction
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Not even a fancy hotel... They tend to have much more interesting interiors than this.
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It may not be aluminum, but that's still quite monochromatic.

Not my taste in design, but then again if I had $17 million for a place that could change
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Sooooo generic looking (and not in a cool way)... like a middle-brow hotel room, or a picture of bed coverings in a 1970s Sears catalog... >
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