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Three things I love about the PS3 that have nothing to do with games:

1. The XMB. It is a much cleaner and easier way to navigate. Now, once you get into the Playstation Store it is a mess just like Xbox Live. But, the XMB is where you will spend most of your time.

2. Using an old laptop as a "media server" and streaming video to the PS3 using PS3 Media Server. So far this has worked very well with my Mac and PC. And has stifled my thoughts of getting a Boxee or Apple TV.

3. Being able to control the PS3 using my TV remote. Now, this is probably only because I have a Sony Bravia, but the fact that I can power off/on the console, control video playback and even navigate the XMB without using the controller or going out and buying a remote is awesome.

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I agree about point 3, but the best thing about the HDMI CEC support is not the IR remote for me. It is that it allows you to either switch the TV to the PS3 output, and then the TV will automaticly make the PS3 will power on. OR power on the PS3 and have the TV Switch to the correct Input.

I wish the xbox 360 would do this as well, but alas: HDMI 1.2 support not HDMI 1.3.
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I agree. I accidentally discovered that last night. Although, it did annoy me a bit. I wanted to leave my PS3 on last night to charge the control. But, every time I went to turn off the TV the PS3 turned off as well.
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As a workaround: Power both on, manually switch to another input source, power off the TV.
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I go back and forth over what I think of the XMB. It is clean and simple, but at the same time it feels so stale to me. I think that's mainly because I see Microsoft do these crazy changes to their Xbox dashboard every 6 months or so.

Despite this, the XMB *is* much easier to navigate through compared to the Xbox dashboard. I do think it's a bit easier to setup parties and invite friends to games on the Xbox side of things though.

(Regardless, I find myself using my PS3 more than my 360 as of late).
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