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July 17th 2009 12:32 pm

Time Machine refresh?

Does anyone think Apple will be updating the 500GB and 1TB Time Machines to 1TB and 2TB respectively this year?

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it's possible, but i think they've updated the time capsule every two years...but with cheaper storage on the rise, we should see a 1 and 2 TB option soon for these to be competitive.
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is there a 2TB Time Capsule? I thought it was just the half TB and 1 TB?
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Just to let you know, Apple updated!

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Do these things get crazy hot like the appleTV? I've consistently chosen the extreme over the time capsule because of this fear.
$299 for 802.11n + 1TB backup is a pretty good deal.
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Went for it - just bought the 1TB version. I think this is great value right now.
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it gets warm, but I wouldn't say crazy hot at all. I just leave to top of it clear and have never had an issue.
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I've been using the 1T for about a year & Time Machine backup to it from 4 mac's. Works great & no problems. Have been thinking about doing back-to-my-mac through but haven't gotten the courage. Thinking about getting the 2T with 2 radios but the price is still a bit much.
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Have set up back-to-my-mac and used it recently for the first time (used my MBP to access the home iMac). Accessing the host drive was fine; screen sharing wasn't successful.
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