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March 3rd 2010 12:47 pm

Tivo Premiere - Evolutionary or Revolutionary?

Wrote up an article for this here: http://bit.ly/dB927Z. Basically I think it is an evolutionary step in the right direction for Tivo but falls short of being what it should as gateway to media content in a network.

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I will give you that the current released product is strictly on the Evolutionary side of the coin. There are several things that, if they are really coming down the road, should have caused this release to be held off till they are implemented.

1 - DirecTV and DISH implementation. Tivo's own website has a page to sign up for info on the next Tivo which works with DirecTV. Since it's most likely to be based on CableCard, I would have waited to implement that since I'm sure the CableCard will be using the same form factor as Comcast, Cox, etc.

2 - App store. Several people have suggested that the Flash-based interface will allow for other companies to implement their streaming products. Awesome, but more should have been available prior to release. Hand in hand with that would be some sort of SDK for development.

3 - My prediction is that the Series "4.1" includes built-in. I have yet to see a review/blog on the new devices that doesn't slap Tivo around for not including. Look for that later in the Fall. Certainly by Black Friday.

These certainly would have put the revolution in revolutionary.
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