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November 23rd 2012 8:17 am

To Keep or to Replace

So I think I'm an apple fanboy by default. I don't think of myself as one but I've used every iPhone since the first one so I guess that makes me a fan boy. I have switched a few times; once to Android (pre ICS so it was no good) and once to WP7 (Loved my Samsung Focus but it really was lacking in the ecosystem department). Now after using my iPhone 4S for about a year I gave it to my wife and got the Windows Phone 8X.

It came in over the weekend and I already have to replace it because there's a dead pixel on the screen. I know that's a normal occurrence with these devices. I've returned my iPhone 4 on numerous occasions because the sound blew out.

Problem is: Even during the coarse of using the 8X for a few days, the lack of apps in the Windows store is pretty apparent. And worse yet even the apps that are there aren't updated. So in the case of the Facebook app for instance; it won't let you review and approve or deny someone posting something to your timeline. A feature that IOS and Android versions have been updated to support. Did some research and found out that the lack of updating is because Facebook didn't create the app. Microsoft did. And I won't even bring up the Youtube app! (3 letters WAP) Just a lot of little things that just aren't as polished as their counterparts. But I really do enjoy using this thing. *confused*..

So now I'm getting ready to head back to the Verizon store to replace the phone. Should I replace it with a new one (without a dead Pixel)? or SUCK IT UP and get the IPhone 5 (and cement my iPhone fan boy Status for all time)?

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if you like the 8X, the app situation is only going to get better. However, if polish is what you want, then I think you are back to Apple or Samsung. And, if you are already invested in iOS apps, it is hard not to say go iPhone.

In any event, you seem to enjoy trying out non-Apple devices; is there something that makes you unsure of iPhone or is it just curiosity? No matter what you do today, I have the feeling that you are not done with your experimenting; and more power to you for that!
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Yeah you're right. I have no choice if polish is a minimum requirement.
You asked if I'm unsure of the iPhone; thats not why I try out competitors. I like having options. The more choice you have the more benefit for consumers i think. I use an android tablet, a hackintosh which is dual booted to windows 8 and Mountain Lion. I just like being able to see whats out there. WIndows phone is really great in my opinion. The ecosystem is the only thing thats a problem right now. When thats sorted out, it may overtake Android one day.
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The iPhone, at this point, is sort of boring, but it works, and the App ecosystem is the best available. How many apps do you really need/use on iOS that aren't on WP8 yet?
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You're right that the iPhone is boring. There are a few staple apps that I use which WP has alternatives for. So it's not like the apps are exactly deal breakers. My problem with WP right now is the fact that when a really great new app comes out it's always on the iPhone. Android follows; and if MS is lucky the WP gets it. Case and point; I want to get the nike fuel band but there's no app for Windows phone.... totally not cool.
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What did you end up doing?
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well I ended up just getting an iPhone 5. I still think its boring and every time I see a Galaxy S3 or a Nokia Lumia 920 I get totally envious but for now I guess I have no choice. The competitors are getting better all the time. They just need that last coat of paint that apple puts on its stuff and they'll be just as compelling. when that happens I'll give Windows Phone or Android another shot.
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Imho I don't know if they ever will get that last coat of paint. It's compromises with Apple. Yes, Android or even Windows Phone does a lot of things better but the overall package with Apple is superior imho. But what you gain with that is compromise to be an overall great package. I like Windows Phone. Android, I don't know. Windows Phone can be really good. Saw a Lumia 920 in a bar the other day and it was pretty awesome. But lack of apps and support (will they drop WP8 users in favor of 9 if 8 doesn't do as well as they think it could?), etc. I'm waiting out on the next iPhone since I just love it. I can agree on a bit boring but it needs to work. And work it does.
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